1. mltenzer's Avatar
    Presently I use my BB for professional email only and a ISP for personal email (POP 3) that is downloaded to my home and office PC's. I have to manually synchronize all 3 computers daily using a Pocket PC as the intermediary.

    I wish to synchronize my calendar and contacts between ALL 3 devices WIRELESSLY but presently do not have access to a BES or Microsoft Exchange Server through my work. Subscribing to an outside service for "cloud hosting" would cost about $100/month. Unfortunately I can find no inexpensive solution that would be similar to Apple's MobileMe which only costs $99/yr.

    I would appreciate any suggestion as to how I could accomplish wireless, automatic synchronization of all my 3 devices without having to shell out a lot of money.

    08-27-09 08:02 PM
  2. johnnie4889's Avatar
    check out mail2web{dot}com...they offer exchange hosting for like $5 a month.
    08-27-09 08:51 PM