1. carolyn.grace's Avatar
    I just had a friend of mine unlock/"jailbreak" my storm. It worked perfectly fine for about a month. Now my screen is going black, constantly. I have to just wait until the buttons and screen go completely, completely black and then press a button to get the screen back on. Otherwise, I have to remove the battery and wait a couple of minutes for it to turn back on and re-load.
    I have noticed that this is a well-known issue for the storm. Does this have anything to do with the unlocking of it?
    I have backed up all of my files, currently doing its updates. Should I try to do a complete wipe out? Should I take it to Telus?
    I am fine with not having the unlocked properties.. just want my phone working normally!
    Any help/suggestions appreciated! Thanks : )
    07-08-10 01:46 AM
  2. grahamf's Avatar
    can you be more descriptive?
    have you noticed any patterns when it blacks out, such as when you pull it out of a holster or sleeve or have it touch a magnet?
    does it dim out slowly?
    try installing Blackberry Desktop manager and reloading the OS. Instructions
    you should be able to skip step 1 as it should automatically find the latest OS.
    07-08-10 02:10 AM