1. Nawzat's Avatar
    Which phone is better ?
    09-28-13 12:54 PM
  2. angel21612's Avatar
    Depends... If you're like some people here that doesn't tolerate the fact that there aren't dedicated keys like call, end, menu and back + the trackpad you should pick up the bold 9900.

    If you want to tryout the BB10 OS, the Q5.

    The only one who can answer any other questions you have in mind is you.

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    09-28-13 01:02 PM
  3. eldricho's Avatar
    What Angel there said

    Also if unlimited data and BIS is really important to you, I would say choose the 9900

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    09-28-13 01:08 PM
  4. campbecw's Avatar
    Actually, I've worked closely with the Q10 and Q5, and to a certain degree I prefer the Q5. The keys are spaces, which some find easier to type one. The bezel is larger, which many are finding easier to do the up-from
    -the-bottom gesture. It comes in red and does everything the much much more expensive Q5 can do. So... if it's between staying still and moving forward with a cheap, really good alternative, I'd say Q5. Customers with the Q5 have been more satisfied than our Q10 customers at our location.

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    09-28-13 01:14 PM
  5. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    Define better! Each phone has it's pro and cons. It really depends on your very own preferences and needs.

    The Bold 9900 has better build quality, needs a BIS option for your contract. It also comes with the old legacy OS in version 7(.1), which means it is more or less abandoned by BlackBerry. The whole device is great for one-handed usage, even though it has a touchscreen, you don't actually need to use, because everything can be done via trackpad and the extended hardware buttons.

    The Q5 on the other hand comes with the latest BB10.1 OS and will get another update to 10.2 sometime next month. It has more hardware power and clearly outperforms the rather mediocre Bold 9900 in terms of battery performance. Although you have to live with a non-removable battery. Using BB10, the Q5 is operated much more via the touchscreen, since there is neither a trackpad nor any other hardware buttons. However it comes with a larger, better quality 3.1" display doing a 720x720 resolution (opposed to 2.8" with 640x480).

    I own both the Bold 9900 and the Q10. I've also used the Q5 a couple of times. If I would have to decide now for a new device which suits me the best, I'd actually take the Q5. Does everything the Q10 does for me, similar performance, much cheaper pricing and, last but not least, I actually find the keyboard more accurate to type on.
    09-28-13 01:16 PM
  6. Sexy Sadie's Avatar
    I would have bought the Q5.
    09-28-13 01:25 PM
  7. ajst222's Avatar
    Why on earth would anyone choose a 9900/9930 over a Q5? One is dated...the other, not so much.

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    09-28-13 03:18 PM
  8. Bo_bo's Avatar
    Get the Q10! It is definitely worth the few extra bucks in my opinion.

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    09-28-13 03:22 PM
  9. keepingsane101's Avatar
    Personal preference. I find the Q5 keys too... clicky and kinda joined together that when I pressed one key, the adjacent key tend to move too( or maybe just the demo model) and that plastic feel? Definitely not my cup of tea. But hey, cheaper price for same performance, that's a good deal. Just that I prefer Q10's premium feel and their keyboard!!

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    09-29-13 02:32 AM
  10. smart548's Avatar
    Q5 if you are looking for the amazing new OS.
    9900 if you need the best comunication phone but you do not need "new" apps/games.

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    09-29-13 04:35 AM
  11. SK122387's Avatar
    Get the Q5. The 9900 is over two years old. BlackBerry 10 has a brighter future than the legacy devices do.

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    09-29-13 04:36 AM
  12. David Murray1's Avatar
    Physically, the 9900 is more attractive. Fanbois will say Q5 because of BB10.
    09-29-13 04:55 AM

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