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    I have been reading the forums all morning and ive noticed there are not a lot of U.K members, mostly Americans. The BB obviously isnt as big over here as in the U.S.
    This is the first BB i have owned, i have always had Sony Ericsson or Nokia, but i was due for an upgrade from T-Mobile so i decided to go with a BB.
    I must say its one of the best decisions i have made regarding a phone, theres so much you can do with them and i`m really excited about finding out all the things that can be done on the BB.

    The wife is so so jealous of my BB, i have just called T-Mobile and paid off her remaining contract just so she can have a BB which will be here tomorrow.

    One thing i would like to ask, when messaging people using the BB messenger (my daughter also has a BB) is it totally free to use regardless of where in the world you are. We do pay a little extra a month for the BB subscription, and get free internet 24/7.

    02-08-10 08:42 AM
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    My girlfriend in from th UK and she came for a visit this Jan. She's on O2. I forced her onto a 8900 and now she's a BrickBreaker expert. To think she said she didn't want a Blackberry...

    To the point. There are two situations here:

    1- You are talking from within carrier range: You won't be charged for any use. You can talk to me here in Brasil via BBM and nothing will happen.

    2- You are roaming: The carrier will charge you for data use. Why did I mention my girlfriend? Because O2 charged her 8 for each MB used while here in Brasil.

    If your concern is option 1, then BBM till your hands drop from your arms.
    02-08-10 08:55 AM
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    That depends on your contract, not the phone or infrastructure

    There's a forum below this one with discussions on UK carriers and their contracts.

    Normally the BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) is 24/7 and unmetered. Every UK carrier will constrain you to a fair usage policy (between 200Mb and 500Mb per month) so its not strictly unlimited. However, you won't have a problem with those limits. Some providers (Orange, O2) offer flavours of pay-as-you-go or metered BIS. Don't know much about T-Mobile but its really your contract that matters (my emphasis).

    There is certainly no additional charge for internet messaging from the UK to overseas locations. Afterall, internet messaging from a UK phone to another UK phone might pass through Amsterdam or Stockholm..
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