1. anon(55900)'s Avatar
    I've been using Evernote for a while now. Haven't really messed with BB Remember, but today I opened it up and saw that it contained every thing that I have stored in Evernote. So what's up with that?
    03-19-16 08:53 AM
  2. sjoreilly's Avatar
    Always better to have duplicate info instead of none. I use Reminder everyday it's great for personal and work notes stores data locally and the info can be shared easily in and out of the app to email etc.
    03-19-16 10:45 AM
  3. Ecm's Avatar
    Nothing suspicious, it that's where you're going. Remember has always been an Evernote client, as well as a stand-alone notes app. I've used it since shortly after the BB10 launch. It works well.
    03-19-16 10:45 AM

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