1. LeeLu's Avatar
    So, I have a curve and I actually never liked the pearl only because it was too small (yes im still dreaming of that bold) one of my guy friends has a pearl and he doesnt like it now. He say's its too girlie, the size, the name and the fact that it looks too much like a "regular" phone. His words not mine! I do think that smart phones like the curve and bold look a lil sexier than the pearl, but gender wise..what do you think?
    12-23-08 05:24 AM
  2. supafreak2000's Avatar
    No the answer is no haha. I know a lot of guys that have pearls

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    12-23-08 05:31 AM
  3. doctorlove316's Avatar
    Yeah, it's not like that at all. It may seem that way, and I did think so before I knew anything about BBs. I assumed the Curve was more for guys while the pearl for the ladies. I was incorrect with that assumption. I am even thinking about getting a Pearl to go along with the Curve as like a backup/2nd phone.

    Of course, there's always going to be haters though...
    12-23-08 06:05 AM
  4. alin0s's Avatar
    I say the pearl is designed for people who want something in a more traditional phone look.
    12-23-08 06:10 AM
  5. Spawn12's Avatar
    My bro had a pearl when he first started on BB...he hated it...said it was hard to type on it so hardly used it other than for work. So in March i bought him a curve which he loved...said it was much better than the pearl....and now hes got a new Bold that his company paid for..part of his upgrade and he says that its the best bb hes ever used.

    Personally i wasnt going to go BB until they released a 3G version of their phones...so imagine my joy when they released the Bold...took me awhile to get it but i now have one and absolutely love it to bits.

    As for the pearl...i wouldnt say its a girlie phone unless you get one in pink...then yeh you could say thats its a girlie phone.
    12-23-08 06:15 AM
  6. DaPhoneking's Avatar
    Hey I have a Pearl... actually two Pearls: I red 8100 and a newly-purchased Pearl Flip, as well as a Curve....
    12-23-08 06:24 AM
  7. alin0s's Avatar
    Doesn't the Pearl use the same typing system that the BlackBerry Storm uses while in portrait mode?
    12-23-08 06:32 AM
  8. chaznsc's Avatar
    There arent enough keys on the pearl.

    My wife had one, cute phone, but very hard to type on. She now has a Curve.
    12-23-08 07:30 AM
  9. dknyberry's Avatar
    I actually prefer the Pearl to the look of the Curve or Bold. To me, the Berries with the full qwerty keyboards look remind me of guys who wear Casio calculator watches. Nerd Alert!! The full keyboard looks like it belongs in a pocket protector, and I also don't like the way the full keyboard makes the phone dialing numbers have to be offset to the left side of the phone. I want my phone to actually look like a phone but have nice features, not a phone that looks like a scientific calculator!

    Oh, and I can also type faster on my Pearl's suretype keyboard vs. my work issued 8700 full qwerty.
    12-23-08 07:37 AM
  10. Branta's Avatar
    I'm happy with the Bold and I don't want the confusion of 2 phones, but if I wanted a second more compact phone for leisure time Pearl would be the choice.

    I've seen a few posts here which suggested 'pearl' originated with the new illuminated trackball.
    12-23-08 07:45 AM
  11. BTSee's Avatar
    The Pearl is indeed a girlie phone.

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    12-23-08 08:37 AM
  12. FightClub's Avatar
    I bought a pearl to go out with since I kept breaking all my good phones... Ended up losing the damn thing not long ago. Hated texting on it witha passion originally but once I got used to it I actually started to enjoy using suretype. Kinda miss it now that I think about it. It is a little on the feminin side though.

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    12-23-08 08:43 AM
  13. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    I had a Pearl, and I never thought it was girlie. It reminded me of a Sony Ericsson that I had a while ago. I decided that I wanted a QWERTY phone though, so that left the Curve and the World Edition. I feel like the Curve is more feminine with the swooping keypad, so I opted for the heavier and bigger 8830.


    Not to scale obviously.
    12-23-08 09:54 AM
  14. mitchell.23's Avatar
    I love my Pearl! And I don't find it girlie whatsoever. It has a nice sleek form factor, plenty of Blackberry power and once you learn Suretype you can fly through messaging and email. Now if you get a pink Pearl then maybe that would be a bit "girlie" .
    12-23-08 10:18 AM
  15. mantray82's Avatar
    IT IS GIRLY!!!! Curve, storm or WE for men sorry.
    12-23-08 10:19 AM
  16. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    I got my Pearl all set up just right for me, she runs like a champ...
    12-23-08 10:20 AM
  17. AlternateZero's Avatar
    I agree with most in respect that the pearl isn't really a gender defined phone. It's my first bb and I'm impressed. But it's a matter of preference, not what's in your crotch that dictates what bb you buy. But I will say this: the pearl is too small for the hands of most guys

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    12-23-08 10:37 AM
  18. roeod4's Avatar
    The pink one is!
    12-23-08 10:44 AM
  19. fonebrkr's Avatar
    I loved mine for the size and durability, those are some pretty sturdy phones, plus pocketing it was great.
    12-23-08 11:15 AM
  20. aspeo's Avatar
    I love my pearl but the name is girly.

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    12-23-08 11:47 AM
  21. timberdc's Avatar
    As posted above, it is a matter of preference... that said, I love my Pearl, and I am a guy I love the form factor, and I can type very well with it. Oh, and I'm not a little guy either. I'm 6'3" and 225 lbs.
    12-23-08 12:11 PM
  22. texas1's Avatar
    i don't think the pearl is girly and I love the suretype on the pearl but I've got a storm now but the pink pearl is girly for sure lol
    12-23-08 12:16 PM
  23. samsams's Avatar
    My Pearl is my girl...
    And I love her little trackball...
    12-23-08 02:35 PM
  24. dknyberry's Avatar
    I love my pearl but the name is girly.

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    I agree. The Pearl name is girly. Actually, I don't really like any of the names RIM chooses for their Berries... I mean, Storm? Why would you want to name a phone after a bad weather occurrence? Bold?...as opposed to Italics? And Javelin? Why not the Shot Put instead?
    12-23-08 02:56 PM
  25. xliderider's Avatar
    I gotta agree with the majority so far, it is not a girly phone.

    I also think it looks somewhat like someone's talking into a calculator when using a Curve, Bold, etc. with the full QWERTY keypad.

    To each his own I guess.

    On the other hand, I would never be seen with a pink Pearl.
    12-23-08 03:13 PM
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