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    Hi new to this forum as I havent had much use for it until about a week ago, when I find myself with two blackberrys one for work and one from my personal use. I had two questions is there anyway that I can update the operating system on the Bold 9700, I also carry the old school Bold 9000 because despite what they say I love the size of it. I am a bigger guy and it is easier for me to type any long dissertations on this device. Anyway, just wanted to know if I could change the operating system on either the 9000 or the 9700. Thank you
    05-13-11 11:42 PM
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    Search through the Leaked/Beta OS forum: Leaked/Beta OS - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com

    All the OS versions for most BB's end up in there. Most threads include detailed directions on how to load up an OS using the Loader (more efficient than desktop manager). You just need a Windows pc to install the OS software on. Someone with a 9700 or 9000 can probably give you more info on what you can (and can't) install on those phones.
    05-13-11 11:57 PM
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    Thank you very much sir. I have one other question my office and myself use Macs its the best for our industry, however I personally need a blackberry. Beyond that I just wanted to know if you knew anywhere for Mac where I would be able to find this information.

    God Bless,

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    05-14-11 01:00 AM
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    Search for Desktop Manager for Mac, you should be able to download it from BlackBerry.com.

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    05-14-11 04:21 PM
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    You cannot install any OS except for official ones from your carrier using OS X.

    To install leaks, hybrids, or official OSes from a different carrier, you must run Windows.

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    05-14-11 04:35 PM