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    I've written to smartphone editors at many a media outlet and have yet receive a response. Maybe here? I've been in the market for an upgrade (current treo user) and depending upon responses here, may wait in line for the 9700.

    My priority is for syncing with my outlook calendar, contacts (5,000) and tasks/to-do lists (need with levels of importance) and notes from my laptop.
    Important note: I use my (outlook) contacts to the extent that the notes section of many of my contacts contain everything from email histories to telephone call notes to account numbers. I often do a search in my contacts for these items in the notes section not knowing the contact's name..which is extremely useful..the iphone won't find this). (on another note: I may also migrate from outlook to google/apps for my mail/contacts/calendar/tasks.)

    After reading (too) many reviews, I'm amazing how so few (if any) speak to the efficiency of syncing. Between computer and smartphone operating systems, it comes down to the best syncing device between the various operating systems and programs, yes?

    Smartphone OS: rim/window mobile/symbian/apple/palm/others...
    and Outlook/Gmail/Gapps (calendar, contacts, etc) and all the others.

    My question: are there pairs that should be avoided? Are there 'better' pairs?
    And where do those "contact managers" play into all this?
    I thank you in advance.
    09-07-09 02:44 PM
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    Blackberries work VERY well with outlook and also work with google apps. Also the search function on the blackberry itself is quite good. I say go for it. The 9700 is looking like it will be THE GSM phone to get once its released in the next couple of months. You might also consider a storm 2 9520.

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    09-07-09 02:49 PM