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    I have been without a BB for a year now & I miss it everyday! Mostly the security!
    But like I asked them when I talked to them...why can everyone else do something (i.e...camera, etc... and you can't?) There was no logical answer from them! I love BB & I still consider myself a true crackberry at heart, but I fear like alot of others that they are not really trying! I do think that they have come a long way with the new phones BUT is it too late? I don't know! No-one does for now!
    I do know that I become more & more disappointed with them! I have an HTC Inc2 right now & it is awesome! Bells & whistles and a lot more! And yes – very productive! I tell myself that Hollywood won’t let droid in because of security so why should I trust it! I have lost contacts and my whole contact book with Droid though! Celebrities use BB because they KNOW that they can trust them with their contacts, etc…and don’t have to worry about getting hacked in to, etc…!
    I am actually considering staying with droid now & getting the iphone killer Samsung Galaxy s2 ASAP! That’s what I’m thinking for these 2 minutes anyway! Ask me again in 5 minutes and who knows! The specs on the Galaxy S2 are AWESOME and it has already sold over 5 million phones in less than 3 months worldwide! (And YES - USA gets it last AGAIN! HATE THAT!!!) Dual core even and a whole lot more!
    These days if you sneeze in the smartphone world you miss the boat and BB is sneezing!
    So what do we do? Stay with the latest technology OR stick with our hearts and stay with BB and a little bit of technology to keep us dangling along!
    Dear Mr. Blackberry, If you are reading this….Please do something more for us! There is a reason why you are losing business and something needs to be done!
    Is the NFC and QNX (if it gets here) enough to keep the boat moving let alone afloat? I would not hesitate even one minute if I saw hope there! But seriously, why can’t you do a better camera like my Incredible 2’s 8MP and front facing camera too? Why can’t you kick out better technology in this race where everything you do means so much? Why can’t you add more technology to the most secure platform there is known to man!
    MAKE US PROUD!!! And watch the people come running back to you!!!
    It’s crazy…the other day I held an old 8330 in my hand and it still felt good! It even gave me that Gooshy feeling in my stomach just to hold a Blackberry! But; I need & want more! Even with the new phones!
    What will you do for us? Your decisions of when to release and what products have not been the best! Something needs to change and change now! No more broken promises! No more hype!
    The faithful will return! “If you make it…they will use it!”
    A Faithful Crackberry @ Heart
    08-17-11 08:58 PM
    Amen to that

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    08-18-11 12:02 AM