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    Hi I am new to the BB hole or deal and I was wandering if there is anything that I ought to know about the tour like if it is a good phone or if I should take it back and get a diffrent one ?that and I would like to use the BBMessanger a little more it seems pretty cool my pin:30D6CEEE .
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    Welcome. All your info you requested can be found here. The Tour is a great phone I hear, and check out the bb lecture 101 series for all newbies. You will grow to love bbm also.

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    09-09-09 07:43 PM
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    Thanks I will have to read it then it is hard to get use to it from a pc
    09-09-09 08:22 PM
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    Well, the Tour is the only new/decent BB from Verizon right now. You can wait for Storm 2 coming out later this year. If you just got your Tour remember you can return it within 30 days, just keep the phone in very good condition. That's more than enough time to see if you like it.
    09-09-09 09:06 PM
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    I'm getting better at it the more I type with it just got to get use to it my gf has the curve it is way diffrent then mine tryin to find the apps on it and settings
    09-09-09 09:33 PM
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    Congrats on your BB...

    Now let me ask you this! Do you like your Tour? is your Tour giving you any problems? If you like your Tour and is not giving you any problems then why change it! Don't listen to what other people think as long as you like your device and is working for you that's all it should matter..
    09-09-09 09:53 PM
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    I was talkin if it is a good phone and I won't have to take it back every month to get another phone that I don't know who had before me and it have the same problem I had with this one
    09-09-09 10:02 PM
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    I was talkin if it is a good phone and I won't have to take it back every month to get another phone that I don't know who had before me and it have the same problem I had with this one
    I think the newer versions of this phone had a green dot on the box, but I heard it was a good phone it came out right after I got my 8330 .I probably would have got that one if it had been available to this is my first berry to .I learned alot from this forum just reading in the tips and other questions people had ask . Also the ringtones and wall paper section which is one of the things that first brought me to CB. But now I am kinda addicted to CB
    Hopefully you will find any answers to your questions either from reading or by posting them for others to read and respone to.Hopefully to everything is ALL good and yor geting it fiqured out ,lol.
    09-10-09 06:02 AM
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    Rooster... You have a great device in your hands, use it proudly, and welcome to the addiction.
    09-10-09 06:05 AM
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    Thanks all and I figured out one thing about this though the battery life sucks on these things when u surfing you tube and I will go ahead and admit I am getting addicted my gf told me to find soemthing to do besides play the ps3 though but I think I found something now .I have a qeustion thought how do u cahnge the look of the icons onur screen I figured out to move them just can't figure out how to change them like the explorer icon mine looks like a star been tryin to get it to the world lookin one again
    09-10-09 07:10 AM
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    Is there way to keep the battery from goin dead while surfing the web ?
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    If your battery life sucks, make sure you are closing apps through the BB button instead of just using the back button or end. It keeps apps from running in the background. There are also tons of threads on Crackberry on extending battery life.
    About once a week you should do a battery pull. (with the phone on, remove the battery for a few seconds then replace and reboot)
    This will help keep your phone working well and not locking up or giving you other quirky messages/actions.

    Good luck and welcome.
    --I don't think you can change the icons without changing themes. There are tons of free themes here on Crackberry but you want to learn and play with your phone a bit more before getting into changing themes probably.
    09-10-09 10:02 AM