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    Hi Folks,

    New to BB, daughter is traveling from US to Russia, India and China. Since we are on Sprint, I picked up a torch for her to use during the trip. The torch was ATT, but is unlocked now, we have no plan. We do have a SIM from cellularabroad coming for her trip.

    My question is, what is needed to get email push to work and BBM? Right now, we only WIFI and BBM does not work. I read about getting "books" but have not been able to figure out exactly what to do with "books" or where to get them etc.

    While abroad, she will likey be limited to WiFi only for data.

    What is the path forward to get the most from this phone (BB)?
    - do i get a one month ATT sim to set up the BBM etc?
    - If I get ATT and working, what happens when she is on the cellularabroad SIM ? How many features will be lost?
    - Do we have to sign up somewhere for BB social to at least keep GMAIL forwarding?
    - Torch can cable sync for outlook - correct? Is there software that needs to be downloaded for this to work (MacBook)?

    How much functionality can I have without data plan?

    In hindsight, I should have asked these questions before purchase.

    Anyways, help/feedback is much appreciated! Really want to get this settled out before she leaves in 2 weeks so that we understand the limits and have reasonable expectations.
    08-07-11 10:13 AM
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    AT&T does not offer BlackBerry Data on prepaid.

    She will need to get a SIM card the international carrier has BlackBerry Data.

    BlackBerry devices can sync with Outlook using BlackBerry Desktop Manager for the calendar and contacts and such but not for email.

    Without an active BlackBerry Data Plan, the device will be able to be used for phone calls and SMS but no data features including email, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
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    08-07-11 10:25 AM
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    Thanks for the info. After doing a bunch more homework that I should have done before picking up the Torch, we are bailing on it. Her Sprint plan was eligible for upgrade, Sprint's international rates were about par with the outfits to get a SIM card here (except Russia) -ended up with a Photon and will not use data, only WiFi when traveling so we will use Skype when talking.
    08-07-11 09:22 PM