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    Hey guys,

    I have been experiementing for some time with the Bluetooth syncing of outlook and my BB. Unfortunatly, I don't have BES, just BIS and so I am forced to use bluetooth to sync outlook information and have run across an annoying problem.

    It seems that if I have an appointment on my outlook calendar (be it created in outlook, or originally created on the BB and synced over) and a copy of that appt on my BB that I then DELETE ON THE BB it will ALWAYS copy the appt from outlook back over to the BB...

    All of this is happens even though "conflict resolution" on advanced options in Desktop manager is set to "notify me" in the event of a conflict (which it never does...maybe a appt deletion isnt a "conflict"?)..

    In other words...I make appt. "Birthday" on Outlook, sync to BB..Now I have a Birthday on both BB and outlook. If I delete Outlook "birthday" and sync, it will delete BB's "birthday" (so far, so good). But I delete BB's "birthday" instead of outlook's, when I resync, it will then re-import outlook's "birthday" to device..as if it forgot that I had deleted on the BB in the first place!

    This is kinda confusing to write down, but someone understand? I don't think that it should be acting like this and I am wondering if there is an option I overlooked somewhere....

    Thanks in advance!!

    07-22-08 12:47 AM