1. StoneRyno's Avatar
    I upgraded to the 4.5 OS from MTS. When I opened BBM it said that it noticed I had transitioned to a new device and it needed to send out requests to all contacts or all of them would be deleted. I figured I'd have the requests sent out again just in case. The odd thing is this, there were 4 contacts in my list before the update, and now i only see one. After selecting yes to send out the requests it shows JasonHDD as pending PIN update confirmation(1). Above that is:

    Contacts (0/3)

    Where did my other contacts go? Do i need to delete BBM and reinstall it and just add everyone all over again to fix it? I know previously (4.3 OS) I had an issue of not being able to remove a pending request when I accidentally added one by email instead of by PIN.
    08-13-08 03:49 AM
  2. Kronk's Avatar
    Contacts (0/3)
    ^that means that you have 3 pending.
    08-13-08 05:40 AM
  3. rxgadget's Avatar
    There should be a Pending tab too that is not expanded

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    08-13-08 05:44 AM
  4. StoneRyno's Avatar
    I just checked again and all appears well. I now have the contacts in the list and the number before and after the / match. I was able to delete the duplicate pending i accidentally created before. So it looks like I'm good to go to add others or have others add me.
    08-13-08 06:16 AM
  5. mrcrush1914's Avatar
    Mine just started doing that today. I upgraded to 4.5 a few months ago and my berry froze up so I had to pull the battery and the same thing as the other user happened. So the only way they get them moved from pending update request is by sending them a message. Why is my berry doing this after like 3-4 weeks and I've had to pull the battery numerous times today? Out of the blue....
    09-14-08 02:22 AM
  6. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    mine updated to 4.5 w/o it doing that
    i even changed phones and i dont think that it did that
    maybe this is an 8330 issue
    as far as i know upgrading my OS and even changing devices was seamless
    09-14-08 02:26 AM
  7. mrcrush1914's Avatar
    Mine was seemless for like 3-4 weeks. So I am trying to think of what I could have installed which may have had something to do with it.
    09-14-08 02:30 AM
  8. hexenmeister's Avatar
    I am having the same problem on my 8830 with It is extremely irritating. I'd love to know how to make this stop happening.
    11-16-08 08:10 AM