1. patrickb2's Avatar
    i have a 8830 and can't add people to the messanger, and they cant add me. i had it before but i did a battery pull oneday and it stopped working. i can send out a request but they never get it...................help
    11-12-08 10:17 AM
  2. jackie treehorn's Avatar
    try resending service books or by using the dm unistall bbm and then reinstall it. also you do have a data plan right?
    11-12-08 10:26 AM
  3. Chrisy's Avatar
    actually, i would like to try adding a contact after updating to 4.5. i have 3 people on mine now and i don't want to delete them and retry because...it would be a hassle for them.

    anyone want to PM me their PIN so i can test? thanks. someone who will not give out my PIN info please! i'm super paranoid!

    i see that after downloading OS 4.5 the method for adding BBM contacts changed. or is it just me?
    11-12-08 10:40 AM
  4. artypuppy's Avatar
    I download the OS 4.5 . all my BBM contacts still there and I just add a new contact on my bbm after upgrade to 4.5 NOTHING change it!
    11-12-08 10:48 AM
  5. Chrisy's Avatar
    yes, my BBm contacts did not delete either.

    but the method to add has changed.

    so far i cannot add new contacts using this new method with the 4.5 OS upgrade.


    EDIT: whoops, it DOES work. thanks, trucky!
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    11-12-08 10:52 AM
  6. trucky's Avatar
    You're welcome chrisy...

    And for anyone else with 4.5, there is a drop down menu when you Add Contact to BBM. It defaults to Search which will search your Contacts list for the PIN you put in but you have to roll up to Add by PIN and all is well once again.
    11-12-08 11:39 AM
  7. artypuppy's Avatar
    open BBM >> add contact>>> click on it, U will see add contact < type Pin/ Email address or Name here> type Pin # in. than TADA! I tried it. it works great!
    11-12-08 11:45 AM