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    Hi guys, Well I done it, I (we, thank you very much) figured out how to set my phone up to BB messenger. Now, when I want to send a message, do I send it by selecting PIN in the address book for my hubby? Does PIN equal BB Messenger? Also, I can't seem to find NEW CONTACT, I have the BB Curve 8310.

    01-19-08 10:06 AM
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    Go to the bb messenger>add contact> Takes you to ur address book>select your husbands name (make sure you have his PIN # in his info) press menu>Select "Request by PIN"> Add a message (you can edit the outgoing msg)>press ok.

    Note: It will show up as pending until he accepts your request. Once he has accepted, his name will show up under "contacts", to send him a message just select his name and type away!

    To Add a new contact, go to your address book and hit the menu button and select "new address".
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    01-19-08 10:17 AM
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    whoo hoo, it works. Thank you very much. Good teacher.
    01-19-08 11:18 AM
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    You are very welcome. Have fun!
    01-19-08 11:34 AM
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    I too tried that, he accepted and it is still sitting as pending, not sure what is wrong.
    01-21-08 10:38 PM
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    i had that happen to me i hyst deleted the guy and he deleted me and i sent an invite instead of bouth sending one
    01-22-08 07:26 AM
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    Thanks cindylov! That was very helpful.

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    01-22-08 08:55 AM