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    I recently deleted BB Maps off of my BlackBerry 8130 Pearl. I just now got it back! There are 2 ways you can re-install this software.

    One way, go to BlackBerry.com, and check for updates for your device. Once you go there and are doing this, connect your device to your computer. You cannot check for updates on your BB. You have to use a PC. But as you go through this proccess, you can select to have default programs re-installed, so look for BB Maps and just click the check box!

    The second way, your device should of come with a CD ROM for your pc. Find that, and put it in the drive and download the BlackBerry User Software. Once you do this, you can backup your device, and update it and updating it allows you to add the default software you are looking for BB Maps, Languages etc!

    Hope that helps some of you out!! Have a good one!

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