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    I'm new to BB and this forum. I heavily consider getting myself a Bold. Currently I use Nokia. One of the reasons for me sticking to Nokia for the last years was the offline, free, turn-by-turn navigation. Sadly, other functionaly of my device doesnt satisfy my needs: pim, email are just not good enough.

    I have only some question:
    Does BB Map provide free turn-by-turn navigation?
    Is there a possibility to preload maps for some countries as in Nokia? (I do have an unlimited data-plan, but I travel in some regions with very poor or none signal)

    Thank you very much in advance!
    Best regards
    05-16-11 07:36 AM
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    BBMaps does not provide spoken turn-by-turn directions, nor does Google Maps. Both are excellent free products. BlackBerry mapping apps typically download the maps in real time using your data connection, and don't have any capability to preload maps. The only two apps to my knowledge that allow you to preload maps are TrekBuddy and Mobile GMaps. I haven't used either.

    Here is a link to a TrekBuddy tutorial: http://forums.crackberry.com/f41/tre...6/#post5811430.

    Garmin Mobile and Telenav are subscription-based apps that run about $10/month and give spoken turn-by-turn directions, but neither allows you to preload maps.
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    05-16-11 09:50 AM
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    ok, thank you very much for the answer, Jeff!

    is it forseeable that a voice guided turn-by-turn navigation will be added to BB Maps anytime soon?
    05-16-11 10:46 AM
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    I' be surprised if RIM added spoken turn-by-turn navigation to BBMaps. That would be competing head-to-head with major 3rd party apps that run on their platforms. Traditionally they haven't done that.
    05-16-11 05:58 PM