1. messc's Avatar
    I am curently confused on what to do and looking for some opinions here my sistuation. I currently have the 8703e and am looking to get an upgrade i am with bell so the only real option i want is the pearl but from some sources i heard that in march or feb bell will be releasing new bb and specifically the curve 2 which will prob run for 299 or 399 with a 3 yr contract while the pearl now is free. I really want the curve do to the qwerty keyboard should i wait and see what happens or sucker in now and get the pearl....? considering once i make a decision i wont be able to upgrade again until 1 year is complete
    12-14-07 10:38 PM
  2. coolwhipdefuser's Avatar
    If it were me, I would stick with your 8703e (nice choice...) for now and hold out for the Curve if that's what you really want. Since the pearl has Suretype instead of a full QWERTY keyboard like the curve, sounds like you should wait around for it.
    12-14-07 10:57 PM
  3. maggie_may's Avatar
    Well I was in the same predicament a few weeks ago...I am very impatient(just ask my hubby) Anyway...I upgraded my 8703's to the 8830(I wanted the full keyboard), and am planning on just selling them on eBay IF and WHEN vzw ever gets the curve.
    12-15-07 07:29 AM