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    Is there a basic walk thru anywhere as to how I can set up my BB calendars to sync w/ my google calendars? I've founds lots of threads saying I can do it without google sync via BIS (which is what I want to do since google is discontinuing sync support for BB as of 9/12), but when I follow the instructions I don't get the menu options on my BB that are described in the posts (check the sync box on each calendar in set-up or whatever). I've got all 4 of my email accounts set up as separate google calendars, got the verification emails, etc. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to actually get the entries on my BB to sync with the calendars.

    I'm using a BB Bold 9930 on Verizon, OS, with good WiFi and 3g coverage at home where I'm attempting this. I don't have outlook on my PC. WTF am I overlooking? I'm feeling quite dense today...surely there is some basic thing I'm overlooking that will be immediately obvious as soon as it's pointed out to me.

    (I got spoiled when I had my Palm Treo with the palm desktop calendar software).
    07-21-12 10:43 AM