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    OK I've been looking around for two days now and I just need a little help with my question. I'm very biased right now because I'm an iPhone user and I've never used anything else except for brief short experiences with a BB and other smartphones. I want to increase my knowledge of the different platforms as well as get a feel for them. So I've decided to buy a BB and another platform to work on for a month or two. I'm buying the phones used and I obviously don't want to spend $500 a peice but I am willing to spend a reasonable amount knowing you get what you pay for. So initially I started looking for a BB Pearl since I've always liked the look of it and the prices weren't too bad. However I saw a review and it doesn't have a full QWERTY keyboard which is what I want since I want the full experience. I'm looking for a Bold 9700 right now instead but just wanted some advice on the choice. I would prefer something that would be able to run the newest OS since I want to get a feel for what RIM is offering. So with all my choices are there any other models you would recommend? I don't want to keep it after one or two months so I'm not open to going on contract.
    10-23-10 09:32 AM
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    If you want full QWERTY, ability to run the latest OS I would go with either the 9650 or wait for the 9780 to come out. As far as price range, a device with the specs that you desire will run you just about $500 since you're paying full retail (I assume)
    10-23-10 12:01 PM
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    I would wait for the 9780 myself. ..
    10-23-10 12:02 PM
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    If you can't wait, 9700's go on ebay used for 200-250 and is an awesome phone, but runs OS 5.0, but soon is supposed to get the 6.0 OS update, which is the newest operating system.

    I would go that route if only testing a phone out for a couple months...I am sure you could re-sell it for the same when done on ebay as well, or Craigslist.

    Good luck!

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    10-23-10 01:14 PM
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    Thanks for the info guys, so the 9650 would be better than the 9700? I was just going off model number assuming the 9700 would be the newer better model to get? I can't get any new models, I'd love to get the torch but any new models will be going for close to retail price used. I've got a couple of people with 9700 offering for good prices so if that's the final say then I'll grab one of those. The 9650 is around the same price used so if that's a better model then I'll get that instead? what say you guys?
    10-24-10 08:14 AM
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    it's up to you. this phone is part of the 9600 series while the 9700 and the upcoming iteration 9780 is part of the 9700 series of phones but carry the BOLD name. It's not that confusing when you realise that the 9650 is CDMA and the 9700/9780 is GSM device.

    The 9700 is still a great phone but the 9650 is newer and has more ram which will help it immensely when the phone receives the option to upgrade to OS 6.

    Both phones are very similar, so if I were you, my next decision would be which carrier would suit your needs better. the 9780 is not to far away from release and if you can't wait the 9700 is known for its fantastic battery life and will be getting OS6 down the track.
    10-24-10 10:10 AM
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    Awesome info  my daily is an iPhone 4 with microSIM so swapping SIMs is not an option. So I'm planning to use this phone on pay as you go, in other words open to any carrier. The prices are the same between the 9700 and the 9650 so I think I'll go for the 9650 since it's got more RAM and a slightly bigger screen.
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    10-24-10 11:05 PM
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    I think the 9650 is a good choice. The 9650 also has the added GSM radio for world phone capabilities, which makes it a great choice. keep in mind though that it doesn't have 3G frequencies for North America...EDGE only when unlocked. But it's still nice to have that ability. Also keep in mind that the 9650 was available from Sprint and Verizon, but they are not interchangeable within CDMA carriers, so pick your carrier and then make sure the one you buy is for the carrier you want to use. If you're going to unlock it and use it on edge, then of course it will work on any of the North American GSM carriers with the appropriate SIM.

    Oh yeah, if you're just getting it to play around with, I'd probably get the Sprint version because their plans are cheaper. Make sure Sprint has good coverage where you want to use it first though.
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    10-24-10 11:31 PM
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    Alright thanks guys, I'm in Canada so no Sprint here but I would rather use it on a GSM carrier. I wont be using the cellular data because I spend 90% of my day in Wifi coverage. I don't even have a data plan on my daily, so the EDGE thing is not a concern for me. OK sounds good I'll be picking one up in a couple of weeks so I'll have to keep reading through the forums
    10-27-10 03:42 PM