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    Okay , here is my problem(or my fathers problem wich is now my problem)

    Last October, I gave my dad a blackberry. He used it for a month, and then gave it back to me. He had set up his gmail account on that phone.
    I got the phone back, used it awhile, then I sold it on Ebay.
    Well, my dad ended up over the weekend getting another blackberry, the torch.
    He loves the phone, but cant add his gmail to the phone, ATT says that his phone number and email are still associated to the pin on the old phone. Now, I have no way of tracking down the person that has that old phone, but ATT says they cant overide it, or delete the account associated with that pin.
    My father doesnt even know his blackberry internet service username and password, becasue he never set one up, he had had att set up his gmail account for him back in October originally. They are telling him his only choices are for me to get ahold of the guy who I sold the phone to, have him power it down, while my dad then turns his off and turns it back on and it will reregister the new phone automatically(not an option, have no way to get ahold of guy), to get a new phone number(my father is in sales, new phone number is not an option) or to get another non blackberry phone(which he really doesnt want to do). Now, this is the technology age, are you telling me their is no way to delete the account associated with that old pin, so he can add email to his new torch?!! Any help would be appreciated, because he is at wits end, and I am about there myself, and if he cant get it resolved in the next couple of days, he will just return it, and be forced to get something else. There has to be a way to do this.
    03-29-11 05:17 PM
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    I have no idea at this point what the imei or pin of the previous device was, as I sold it back in October. I have sent an email to the person that purchased it off of ebay, but who knows if I will even here from them, or if they do contact me, if they even still have the phone.
    I just got a call from an ATT rep, telling me that unless I get those numbers, there is nothing they can do and that my father should maybe switch back to a non blackberry phone? Like are you kidding, because of something like this, my father can never have a blackberry again, unless he changes his phone number? Like come on...there has to be an easy fix to something like this. I have never heard of something like this.
    03-29-11 07:00 PM
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    Heh. So my deleted post was actually sent. Cool.

    But now, does this phone ring when dialed? If so then I would recommend the following.

    1. Change the password of the email account.
    This way if the email is being delivered to this other device then it will be stopped.

    2. Setup the email account on this device.
    Accounts like gmail, yahoo and essentially any other can be setup on a number of different Blackberry devices at the same time.
    03-29-11 07:10 PM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    You probably are going to need RIM to help with this one. ATT, needs to escalate the call to RIM (otherwise you guys have to pay for RIM support). RIM can push out the old account and reset your father's BIS password (ATT can do that part of it). Call ATT and keep insisting to be transfered to a supervisor and/or RIM. Be polite by firm.
    03-29-11 07:16 PM