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    does anybody know how to keep a copy of your email on your BB why using outlook, everytime i open outlook it takes all the emails to it and off my BB dont really want to save them all.
    thanks for the info
    03-22-10 08:55 AM
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    Need more info. Is your company using POP3, Exchange, Hosted Exchange, etc....?

    I just dealt with this too as my little startup company went from using our hosting provider's pop3 scenario to Hosted Exchange.

    Under Pop3, we all defaulted to having our mail "delivered locally". That meant our mail never really sat on the server, but if outlook was open, it would immediately be received and stored locally. In a situation like this, if you had outlook closed, your BB would see the mail since it hasn't yet been pushed to the local location on your PC.

    When we switched to hosted exchange, this became a problem. I couldn't understand why I could get mail on my laptop but not on my BB (using a hook to OWA). Then all of it dawned on me. My outlook was still flagged to deliver local.

    So what I did was this....When I set up outlook to work with exchange, I selected "use cached exchange mode". Cached exchange mode stores a local copy but also keeps things on the server, thus giving you the option to deliver locally or deliver to the server.

    This now gives me the ability let my BB see the mail, even if I have outlook open on the laptop since the laptop is just a copy of the server.

    Other pluses......this now gives me the ability on the BB to have two options when I delete mail on the BB, handheld only, or handheld and server.

    And I can still keep my personal PST folder with all of the other subfolders I have set up. It just means I need to manage things more closely since we have mailbox quotas. So each day, periodically I will check my outlook and drag mail from the server inbox to my folders in my personal PST folder.

    It works well.

    If you have any questions, let me know, since this is all fresh at the moment.

    I have also gotten real good at setting up my BB (Verizon) to work with an OWA mailbox.
    03-22-10 10:25 AM
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    thanks for the help I am not using exchange and use pop3 let me know if you need anymore info. as you can tell new to the board and all of this really

    thanks again
    03-22-10 09:05 PM