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    My BB has been behaving uncharacteristically weird. About a week ago I went to go open Pocket Day and for a brief moment two errors flashed very quickly across the screen. One was some type of Java exception error, another was a low memory error. The memory error was strange because I has just checked the memory and I had 12 meg left. When the BB came back to life I noticed the call log was deleted.

    The second incident I had was I had just hung up from a phone call and the BB froze up, the red light was just blinking, and the screen was dark and would not turn on. I did a battery pull and it came back to life. Since then it keeps deleting my calendar appointments. It deletes everything but the week prior, even though I have the BB set to keep all my appointments for 90 days. All my future appointments are fine.

    When I was going through the database sizes, I noticed that a database called the "Content Store" was large, about 500k. I sync my calendar with Google Sync.

    Any ideas???
    10-21-08 09:49 AM
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    Memory is critical for normal operation, that is likely the source of your problem. The solution is to remove the preinstalled samples and unused applications that are taking up so much space.

    10-21-08 11:32 AM
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    (Correct me if I'm wrong) but I think 12 meg is actually pretty low. A battery pull or even soft reset - hold alt, right shift, and delete - every day or 2 should help.

    Again I'm still kind of new at this so if this isn't right then someone else correct me. Or just go to that how-to link posted above.

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    10-21-08 09:15 PM
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    Your right graz 12 is about the lowest you can go without running into problems

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    10-21-08 09:22 PM
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    Thanks for the advice. Between this forum and BBforums.com I was able to get my free memory up to 18.2 meg. I have not ventured into reloading the OS with all the modifications......yet. I will see if this helps, if not than I will have to get ambitious and reload the OS. Again thanks for all the help
    10-21-08 11:43 PM
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    There appears to be a bug with the calendar in the OS. Refer to my thread on BBForums.

    10-25-08 04:02 PM