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    Did you know that you can easily control the 5 icons shown on the Home Screen of the BB Dimension Zen theme? It's really quite simple. Press the menu button (this is the button with blackberry dots on it to the left of the trackball) to access your applications icons. The first five icons are the ones that will be shown on your Zen home screen. If you want different ones, just roll your trackball to the app you want and press the menu button. Select move and press the trackball. A box appears around the app icon. Roll the trackball to move the app to the top row, placing the app in either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th place and press the trackball to drop it there. Repeat for any others you want. Now when you view your Zen home screen, you will have your five selections right there at your fingertips!

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    02-17-08 03:44 PM
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    Had to do this when i got mine.
    02-18-08 10:41 AM
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    I would hope everyone has done this on their 1st day owning their blackberry.

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    02-19-08 12:32 AM
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    This also works for the T-Mobile Zen theme if you have T-Mo.
    02-19-08 02:06 AM
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    It will work for all Zen themes, carrier themes are just rebrands of the RIM one.

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    02-19-08 09:29 AM
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    How about on a 8700? There used to be a shortcut in the old OS, something like holding ALT+trackwheel. But didn't work for me. I want to move a game that's on the screen to somewhere else.

    Update: Just went into the Application screen and selected the icon first, hit ALT+push the trackwheel to get that hidden menu. Now I can move, hide or show all. I noticed I can hit ALT+up and down on the trackwheel to select icons by going up and down instead of scrolling through all of them to get to the last one if required.
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    02-20-08 11:50 PM