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    I setup my BB9900, IPAD2 and Google account to all sync on the same calendar, it was working perfectly, or so I thought. I had sme weird anomalies on some entries not syncing back to my BB.

    I finally realized that it is not properly syncing recurring weekly appointments that I setup on my google account from my iPad2, the appointments appear perfect on the ipad2 and on my google account but it appears only the first occurrence of the appointment will appear on my BB calendar and if you open up the entry it gives you the following error "At least one day must be selected for recurring weekly appointments."

    It's so frustrating but at least I see where the problem is now, I'm not not using google sync, just the built in gmail integration from email account setup screen and then selecting contacts and calendar as items to sync.

    Help please.
    07-03-12 02:48 PM
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    Don't know if it has anything to do with it but google stopped supporting blackberry about 10 or so months ago.

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    07-03-12 03:23 PM
  3. Rockstead's Avatar
    So frustrating guys, I still have this issue, I can't be alone.

    So to make this simple, repeating calendar events step in google calendar do not sync properly to Calendar on Blackberry 9900, my google calendar on the berry is being synced from the email account settings section, I selected gmail and I synchronized the calendar, single entry events sync perfectly. There must be a solution for this, it is so frustrating.

    Only the first occurrence of the repeating event is captured on the berry and when you try to open it, you get this error, "At least one day must be selected for recurring weekly appointments." so maybe it is just a matter of setting up the repeating events differently in google to get this working.

    11-15-12 11:11 AM