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    Ask to see the replaceable battery. Ask them what are they going to do when their battery craps out.
    12-31-08 10:07 AM
  2. EdwardK's Avatar
    Be really really nice to them. Like too nice. And smile and nod your head a lot when they speak. That always pi$$es people off.

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    LOL... and stare at their forehead...
    12-31-08 10:16 AM
  3. GapBoyPCS's Avatar
    Ask to see the replaceable battery. Ask them what are they going to do when their battery craps out.
    Ask if they can upgrade their memory as well. For example, put in a 16gb card in your BB and ask an 8gb iPhone owner if they want a full copy of your 9gb song collection

    "Oh...you can only handle 8gb. Aww...I guess you need to spend another few hundred bucks for a bigger iPhone "

    In all honesty, we're all entitled to have our own opinions. We're adults, aren't we? It's a bit like that old analogy about guys having a really hot ride...they're overcompensating for something they "don't have So, the ones that are giving others a hard time...what are they really hiding?
    12-31-08 10:17 AM
  4. paintballwife's Avatar
    Interesting thread. . My husband got an iPhone in June, and wanted me to get one when my contract expired in December. Nope, I said. I had an 8700g for 2 years, and now have the Curve. Love it! Husband loves his iPhone, and we're one big happy family on a family plan.

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    12-31-08 10:25 AM
  5. mykey2k's Avatar
    I'm still biased due to the whole iPod revolution, their snarky white wired heaphones and their "I cool, I need to be seen!" attitude.

    That said, I did try my friend's iPhone when I needed it in a pinch to view a webpage at a party about some breaking news (before I got my BlackBerry). It was nice to pull up the page and tilt it to view it landscape, but it took me a number of times to get my man-sized fingers to hit the right letters.

    I figured I was drunk so I tried it another day at work and tried firing off text messages, again, with typoes. The poor guy's wife thought he was drinking on the job

    As with iPods of yesteryear, I think the iPhones are for people who: 1) want to be seen or 2) Genuinely do like the Apple (these are generally people who've been fans of the company since the Apple // )

    That said, LionAR10 said it very eloquently in their post.

    I chose a Berry to do what I need to get done and I chose the device that lets me do it quickly and efficiently. And, if I find the time on the train or the airplane to watch a movie or tv show from the SD Card (or Cellular Video, or Sling [which I don't have, but the capability is there now]), I can do that too.

    12-31-08 10:33 AM
  6. ShortStop51001's Avatar
    How's this: Tell them they use what they prefer and you use what
    you prefer. I will never understand this completely asinine BB vs
    IPhone BS. They are PHONES. Some like one, some like the other.
    And there are those (as odd as it may seem) who like and really
    appreciate both devices.

    A thread devoted to convincing IPhone users the BB is a better
    PHONE. Why?
    That right there, that's your answer. Perfect AG!
    12-31-08 10:41 AM
  7. nickCR's Avatar
    They are PHONES.
    Technically they aren't phones anymore. When you can listen to music, send / receive mail, setup your agenda, etc, etc, etc.... really your talking about a personal computer (just miniture) even if it can make phone calls. My BlackBerry Bold has officially replaced my laptop. *laptop sobs in corner*

    A thread devoted to convincing IPhone users the BB is a better PHONE. Why?
    I guess you could ask the same question to most citizens of each country of the world. Why try to convince people your country is better then others... which is something you see very often. I think you have both Brand Loyalist who really believe in their product and they want everyone else to feel the same way.

    With that being said, I think the comment about keeping to small words, saying as little as possible with a smerk on your face is PERFECT! It will eat them alive as to why your not defending yourself. The first thing that will go through their mind is "is it maybe better and they don't want to share"!

    NOTE: I particularly like the iPhone however my carrier doesn't support 3G and would basically be useless here in Costa Rica. My main reason for wanting an iPhone was to combine various functions into one thing and that way I don't need to take my laptop / ipod / phone with me to the beach, etc. But my BlackBerry covered all that and yes that's right I can sip pina coladas on the beach and check my mail, god i love technology!
    12-31-08 11:02 AM
  8. jdoc77's Avatar
    I agree with anyone who posted that these are "just phones" and each user should be able to accept that some prefer one to the other, be it a matter of cost, usability or features, or anything else you prefer.

    But you have to realize, this guy came here looking for a way to counter the apple culture he is up against with the people at his work. That's a totally different animal.

    Everyone has already pointed out what the BB can do out of the box that the iPhone can't and then some have brought up the issue of jailbreaking.

    However, the bottom line (if you want to counter the culture) is that the Blackberry "Just works".

    If they have to "jailbreak" an iPhone just to get it to do what EVERY OTHER (and IMAO lesser) phone does and they still can't get it to do most things.... it doesn't "just work" ... or rather, in order to get it to "just work" the end user has to Un-Apple it... and it still doesn't ever just work as a full feature phone.

    I give the Storm a LOT of crap here on Crackberry, but at least RIM is trying to support an OPEN PLATFORM machine. Quite contrary to Apple's early depiction of Windows as being Orwellian, Apple has tricked its users into a technological gulag where choice is removed and replaced with slick GUI's.

    Not that my opinions are based on the following, but if you don't mind cussing.. the following will give you a bit of ammunition against the Apple Culture and the iPhone specifically..

    The iPhone is a piece of ****, and so is your face.
    One thing PC users can do that Mac users can't...
    12-31-08 11:04 AM
  9. nickCR's Avatar
    Dude those links rock! hahaha I enjoy a good bash and that got me laughing like a school girl! iPod = hard drive storage device with ability to play music HAHAHAHAHA. I loved that... and yet I own an iPod which uh I use as a external HD.

    I don't prefer mac to pc or pc to mac. But I own a PC because I can customize the components and well my Quad / 8800 GTS 512 rocks out.

    Note I wish I had the new Quad instead of my 9450.

    Back to phones (mini computers). In addition to keeping quiet using small words with a smerk on your face you can tell them once they continue to insist how WAY better their phone is you can tell them..... Oh well since you insist, i'm going to run down to my local apple store and buy an iPhone just to follow the rest of crowd! I can see you haven't spent much time actually comparing phones. I bet if your friends told you to jump of a bridge you would do that too!
    12-31-08 11:48 AM
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