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    I have a BlackBerry Curve 9380 (the touchscreen one) and I've had problems with this battery. It finishes very quickly and if I'm outside I am unable to use it whenever I want in fear it will die outside and I might end up needing it for something. I've used all the battery saving tips like not connecting to Wi-Fi and a mobile network at the same time, reducing the back light timeout the brightness of the screen, not running numerous apps at once and what not and it does not help one bit. I bought this phone 3 months ago so age is certainly not the issue. I will go to bed with it 100% charged and wake up with 60% remaining. Its annoying having to charge it all day.

    Anyone know what exactly is this batteries problem? its a hassle to be charging this phone everywhere I go

    The image of the battery I have is in the following picture. Can't really specify much but the battery is green and says JM1
    Attached Thumbnails BB 9380 Touchscreen terrible battery-8699.jpg  
    12-27-12 01:36 AM
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    Please don't cross post the same message into multiple forums.
    12-27-12 08:06 AM

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