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    I hope that this has not been covered before; only my second post and I don't want to be redundant.

    My BB Bold (9000) for ATT has never been able to stay connected to or connect to WiFi (always questionable what would happen). My wife's connects without problem, and I set up both of them; we got them during late August.

    I've tried soft resets, battery pulls, and master resets, with no change. I've changed channels on the wireless router, changed my proximity to the router, tried other WiFi spots other than home, deleted and re-established the WiFi identities, changed sim cards, etc.

    Today I took the BB to an ATT service center, and they exchanged it for a new/refurbished unit (9000).

    Guess what, still not able to connect to WiFi. But my wife's has connectivity, without problems.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I've hunted online and in various forums, and have had no luck. Also checked the "Complete WiFi" .pdf guide posted on these forums.

    It's all turning me from a BB user to a BB curser. HELP (please)!
    11-14-09 10:37 PM
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    The problem seems to have been solved today, after going back to the retailer and putting many heads together to trouble-shoot.

    In trying to disable any access to wireless data usage (and avoiding being bumped into a data package by ATT) I had changed a setting in "Options>Mobile Network>Data Services" from "On" to "Off". This apparently disables both the wireless (network) and WiFi capabilities, not just wireless as I had expected.

    Once this setting was changed back to "On", I could connect without difficulty to WiFi.

    By the way, to ensure that you are not using wireless/network access (if you're paranoid like me), uncheck "Mobile Network" in "Manage Connections" icon.
    11-15-09 06:20 PM