1. Johngy's Avatar
    My trackball for navigation works fine but when i want to click on something it doesnt always work.
    The worst thing though is when the phone thinks im clicking it when im not actually doing so, for example, if im in messages it would sometimes think im clicking and then proceed to send multiple blank text messages!

    Could this be a problem with the trackball dome and just be a case of replacing it?
    thanks in advance
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    09-11-09 07:48 PM
  2. mahiem101's Avatar
    If you have a joystick on your bb I want one! The track ball is the first thing to go. I have had two 8900 curves, and 8310 curve, and the track ball is not always very handy.

    I can tell you that depending on your carrier, I found out not every carrier actually send them back to bb for waranty therefore looking like a kindergardner got a hold of it. The new blackberries they have to actually take off the warranty sticker to fix the new one.

    I am with Cellualar One in Montana and bb does not warranty their phones that cellular one has, strange, so beware! Over all you should take it back and wait for something else unless you are prepared for constant head aches. I am sure not everyone has these problems but the onyx will have a mouse like trackball so check it out. Good luck.
    09-11-09 09:06 PM