1. MacOverPc's Avatar
    When i try to call my home landline phone i get a message that says "The person i'm trying to reach will not accept calls from callers that restrict their number". I'm confused, i did a bat pull and this didn't work but i called my home phone yesterday and got thru, i went into my phones settings and i have the option clicked to "never" on restrict identity. As a matter of fact i tried all 3 options and none worked.
    08-22-11 08:18 PM
  2. mobibiz's Avatar
    Hi Go to Phone > Options > General Options > Restrict My Identity = NO, if this has been tried and still does not work, since we do not have much information about your device, call your service provider and ask them to check. If they cannot help then go for a device wipe.
    08-23-11 08:25 AM