1. htc_maple's Avatar
    hey everybody i'm hoping someone here can help me out: my curve 9300 battery is dying fast well let me start from the beginning it was great would last me 2-3 days but now it's dying i close all the apps after i am done using them i don't play music on my phone anymore i update to OS6 but found my phone to be a lot slower so i downgraded back to OS5 and every since then it has been dying very fast so i took my phone to Telus and got a new battery and this battery is the same it's dropping maybe 20-25% on standby alone did i do something wrong when i downgraded back to OS5 help please
    04-17-11 05:12 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Do you have a good signal at your location? If your carrier is having a problem with the tower nearest you, or has changed towers, your phone may be having to operate at a higher power level than previously. That will quickly drain a battery.

    My first thought was that your battery was old and had lost capacity, but you ruled that out with a new battery.

    When you downgraded back to OS5, did you reload your 3rd party apps from a backup, or reinstall them? If you reinstalled them, make sure you didn't inadvertently select an option that causes the app to access the internet more frequently than it did before. Frequent data access will exacerbate the battery problems caused by weak signals.
    04-17-11 07:58 AM