1. Bender's Avatar
    I have a bluetooth barcode scanner that connects the the blackberry as a serial port. Is there a way to get that information to go into the keyboard buffer while I am in a telnet program?

    I wanted to use this scanner for workers who are taking orders out in the field.

    06-05-09 03:10 PM
  2. Theresias's Avatar
    You should probably looking into creating a specific BB app for that?! I sure doubt that the standard OS does allow this... However, if you find a solution - please let me know, that might come in handy.
    07-19-09 10:08 AM
  3. Mr.Sharjawi's Avatar
    can someone tell about that?
    07-28-09 12:39 AM
  4. ydaraishy's Avatar
    You would have to write a program that runs on the Blackberry. Easy to do if you know Java. Otherwise, not so easy.
    07-28-09 12:52 AM
  5. D.J._Doe's Avatar
    That would be cool if you could get that going I would buy it!
    07-31-09 06:36 AM
  6. ydaraishy's Avatar
    I'm not going to write it -- I've got no need for it -- I'm just saying it's possible.
    08-03-09 11:13 PM