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    Hey everyone!

    Im relatively new to the forums here, although I have owned BlackBerry's for quite some time (roughly 4 years). Currently I own a Bold 9930 and Im torn between which case to get for my phone! I started out with a Casemate case which worked okay i guess for what I paid for it, but now I am realizing I need more protection for my phone. I am a firefighter and have the bad habit of leaving my phone in my pocket sometimes when going to fires and car accidents etc. (which i know i shouldn't do but it happens). What i want, ideally, is a good, all-around case that will protect my phone if i drop it, or step on it, and that will avoid getting busted up if it hits a wall or something while its in my pocket. So I was wondering if all of you could help me with my dilemma!!! and fast as i need to replace my current case which is falling apart from its use!!! One thing I do want is ideally the least bulky (that is important to me) and the most protection between these 2 cases. I understand with protection comes some bulkiness, but Im lookin for the least bulkiness between these 2 cases while also the most protection BUT that my phone and its case will be able to fit in my pocket (I really dont use holsters that often for my phone, not a huge fan of them). PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!

    Also, I have been doing some research on the Ballistic SG case in particular and i was wondering, is there a holster for this case i can purchase (that will fit it) if i do want one??

    Thank you all very much in advance for your help and opinions!!
    01-15-13 02:43 PM
  2. tfp's Avatar
    What has always swayed me in the Otterbox direction for all of my BlackBerry's is the simple fact that they are the only ones, to my knowledge anyways, to offer coverings for the access ports, usb/headphones. I work in construction doing watermain breaks and having the ports covered is key to keeping dirt and water out of my phone. Also, my 9900 took an accidental swim while camping this past summer and thankfully, it was in an Otterbox Defender case with the holster on and the phone came out of the lake dry as day
    01-15-13 03:11 PM

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