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    HI all,

    This is my first post, which unfortunatley is down to very bad customer service from a UK distributor.

    I purchased a Blackberry Bold 9000 back in August through one of our IT Suppliers, which was fine for the first month, then all of a sudden it stopped working with just a flashing red light which was diagnosed by our internal blackberry team as being corrupt memory, and to request a replacement through our supplier, this is where the fun started.

    Our Supplier raised the request with Ingrams to get the handset replaced, they where supposed to collect and drop off a replacement to my work address, 3 weeks later they still havent collected the handset, and it is sat in my bottom draw. My IT Supplier has constantly chased only to be told, its with RIM, who wont authourise the RMA, and as such they cant pick up the handset and replace it, and to this day this is still in my bottom draw.

    To the credit of my supplier they have purchased me new Blackbery Bold, again through Ingrams, however the handset was sold as new to us, however it has transpired that the supposedly new retail box isnt actually new but a refurb unit that is still locked to o2 BIS network, and was originally sold to a reseller in Novemeberr 2008, this came to light after trying to register the Bold on the O2 BIS Site, and being told that the handset was already registered and as the Bold was bought Sim-Free there was little that o2 could do, and they instructed me to contact Blackberry Direct, to try and resolve the issue.

    The current state is i have 2 Bold's waiting to be collected and returned to Ingrams via our Reseller, and at some point a full working BRAND NEW Bold to be delivered which im expecting by Christmas 2009, at the current rate...

    I must say our IT Supplier (Complete IT), has worked tirelessly to try and get this issue resolved, and they must be commended for it, but they have been let down by a company who doesnt really it would seem care, and thus tarninshing the image of Blackberry.

    11-12-09 03:21 PM
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    If its a personal phone, you should get one through your carrier, so you don't have to deal with the corporate supplier he'll.
    11-12-09 07:44 PM
  3. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    But that being said, the supplier shouldn't charge your company the price of a new phone if it was already used.
    11-12-09 07:45 PM