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    My wife and I both have 9780 phones. I was wondering if I backup my phone on my computer and then backup hers does one overwrite the other. I guess better asked if I needed to restore my phone or hers would DM know which backup is for which phone through the pin? It seems to want to put the backups in the same folder.
    04-24-11 08:55 AM
  2. pmccartney's Avatar
    The data backed up is specific to the information DM can find on the BB. Phone settings, email, calendar, text, passwords etc. It is a backup of user info and settings not the OS.

    You can custom name the backup files before DM writes them so they can be in the same folder without causing any issues.
    When you restore you can select the backup file of your choice and from there you can also select all or just specific data to restore from the file.
    04-24-11 10:01 AM
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    Can you screw up and get the wrong backup on a phone is my concern. I take care of both phones but like to work from my computer. So far restoring has not been needed. Was just interested in how to manage this task

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    04-24-11 10:16 AM
  4. pmccartney's Avatar
    It is possible for you to get the wrong backup file for a restore however doing so would not screw up the phone.
    If you have noticed, when performing a backup, the default backup file naming includes the device PIN.
    e.g. BlackBerry Torch 9800 (**PIN***).ipd.

    I typically backup and update 4-5 devices per week. When I do so all of the backup files go into one folder and I add the device users name to the backup file name for easy recollection. I can't remember everyone's PIN.
    e.g. file name, BlackBerry Torch 9800 (********) - JaneDoe.ipd
    04-24-11 10:28 AM
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    thanks for the info, seems I was looking in an old folder that I named blackberrybackups instead of looking in the /blackberry/backup folder. in the folder I made up the pins were not attached I think it was back when I was using abc editor or something.

    Its all organized in the real folder.
    04-24-11 11:05 AM