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    Hi, This is my first post so please be gentle. LOL. Here's my issue. I had an 8900 up until December when my 20 month old threw it in a glass of water, where it laid in its watery grave for 20 minutes. I had backed it up a bunch of times before that. I had another blackberry given to me (8320) and did restore on it. I accidentally smashed it on the floor and my husband threw it in the garbage, along with my sim card and memory card. I got another one given to me (8800) downgrade with every "accident" I got a new sim card and memory card, then I went to restore it with all my saved info and it deleted the old blackberry program and now I cant find any of my old stuff. Tomorrow I am going to get a new 8900 (new to me) and I was wondering if I can ever get any of my pictures and voicenotes back??!?! Please help.
    03-22-11 10:36 AM
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    There have been several upgrades and changes to the BlackBerry Desktop Software, including moving the default backup directory.

    Your early backup is likley located at: Windows / Documents. It will have the form Backup(xxxx-xx-xx).ipd.

    If you have upgraded to the later versions, check for your backup at: Windows / Documents / BlackBerry / Backup. These have a device name and model numbers, but are still compatable IPD files.

    The bad news is, these are data backup from device memory. There is no data saved from your old Media Card and that is where most of us save pictures and voice notes.
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    03-22-11 10:46 AM