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    usually when i upgrade my 9900 i go thru apploader and not thru bb dm. recently the last couple of upgrades i have done have getting saved as a bbb file and not a ipd. i am on vista so its kinda weird that its saving my backups in bbb format, which is for macs. is there anyway to change a setting or something so that my backups would save as normal ipd files ?
    12-21-11 11:30 PM
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    I just had the same problem for the first time. I switched the bbb extension to ipd and BB Deskop saw the file but when I went to restore certain databases from it, I get the following error:

    When I click on the "click to view its contents" link, I get a request for a password, but it won't accept any of my passwords:

    Any help appreciated!
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    12-27-11 02:42 PM
  3. tda_tda's Avatar
    .. I got that because of installing the latest beta Desktop Manager.. I simply uninstalled the Desktop Manager and dowgraded..

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    12-28-11 12:27 PM
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    If it's still relevant, you can recover data from your .bbb backup, very easy and quickly, using the BlackBerry Backup Extractor. The BlackBerry Desktop Software 7 creates theses .BBB v2 files for Windows as well. Good luck!
    03-16-12 04:43 AM
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    Hi, i know this is an old post, but I have backed up a blackberry today and it was with the new desktop software hence it creating a bbb file. I have tried to recover it through magic berry and also Blackberry backup extractor, and neither are working. When I try the blackberry extractor it says cannot read as a zip file ..... I tried to change it into a zip as i saw on a previous post but this also isnt working. Is my backup file corrupt do you think? It says it is just under 4Mb so it has definitely backed up something. I did also restore the information onto the blackberry earlier and that worked fine, it just didn't restore all the contact it said it had in the backup file which was around 397. I managed to get it into an IPD file but when I opened it in a csv file to try and read it, it was all jibberish.

    Any help at all would be much appreciated. I am using windows xp if this helps. I just need my address book back, nothing else
    02-14-13 02:36 PM