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    searched but i couldn't find a specific answer..

    I sold my 9000 bold so i can beat the flood of 9000's going up for sale on craigslist for the 9700 launch on Rogers. I got a good price for it $400cdn.

    so i backed up everything via MAC DM ... i also hand wrote all my contacts and bbm contacts just in case..

    My question is.. is that back up file that's created on DM portable onto any BB? or can i only load it on to a 9000 Bold?

    that would save me the time to enter my contacts again.. and i guess i can just find out after i pick up the 9700.. but i just wanted to know ; >


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    11-02-09 01:48 PM
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    Portable to any BB

    And if you're a popular guy your hand must hurt
    11-02-09 01:50 PM
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    haha thanks ; >

    i started off copying each contact to my sim.. then went to hand cause i was not near a computer ..

    it reminded me of school writing out def. from the text book haha

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    11-02-09 02:02 PM