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    There is a way to do that using outlook, by syncing the bb with outlook, then exporting contact to cvs, pluging the other phone, syncing again, exporting again, then copy from one cvs to the other, and then import it in outlook, then syncing back to the bb.

    but like you could already see, it's a bunch of step that I feel like it should have something easier to do that, so I'm asking, is there a easy way to merge contact from one phone to the other.

    here is why we want to do that, one employee leaves and he have like 700 contact on his phone, someone replaced him and already have 150 contact in his phone but he want to get the other 700 contact that is on the other phone, without loosing his contact.

    Backup/restore overwrite contact

    but can I do that with blackberry protect? is blackberry protect overwrite contact on restore ?

    01-07-13 12:05 PM

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