1. sam123gil's Avatar
    Ok a few days ago I downgraded from 4.5 DM to 4.3. I was trying to install an application through DM. I don't use DM that much, however I want to back-up my phone. I pluggewd it in and hit the back-up button. It started to back-up then stopped with the message ~The Data Was Not Recognized By The Device.~

    I tried 2 times and quit. I was wondering if the fellow PInstackers could help me with this problem?

    Thanks I appreicate your help.
    10-20-08 07:56 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    That's a strange error message. A Google search didn't turn up any matches. The only suggestion I can make is to uninstall and reinstall Desktop Manager. Which leads to the question, why did you downgrade your Desktop Manager? I use 4.5 and have found it to be stable and reliable. Unless there's some specific problem, I recommend you download and use Desktop Manager 4.5 without Media Manager.

    There are probably quite a few pinstackers who are members here, but if you really want help specifically from pinstackers, you probably need to post there, too...
    10-20-08 09:50 PM