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    Hey all!

    Let me give you some history - I was always a fan of the VZW/LG enV series - I had the enV2, then the enV Touch and I then activated an old 8800 WE we had lying around that noone was using. I loved it! Made an account on here but never really posted much. Then, a few months back, the 8800 stopped charging out of nowhere! So I switched back to my old enV Touch! Then, on Sunday, my good friend gave me a used 8330 as a gift because he knew how much I loved my blackberry (and he wanted someone to BBM with! lol!) So anyway, now I'm back and I forgot just how wonderful the blackberry is. Yeah, it might not be as flashy or "cool" as these Android phones or the iPhone, but after that "cool" factor fades I feel like the blackberry is the way to go (for me, personally, anyway)! I do wish it had Angry Birds, but you can't win them all I guess! I'll just stick to playing that on my iPod haha.

    Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello!

    One issue I am having is that my Blackberry seems to be suffering from a memory leak of sorts. Right after I reset it, it says that it has 21.5 MB of available memory but the longer it stays on, the smaller that number becomes! I've looked around briefly but couldn't find anything on it - anyone have any suggestions? (FYI - it's a VZW 8330 running that Boost software)

    Other than that little issue I LOVE having relapsed back into my crackberry addiction! LOL
    04-20-11 11:31 PM
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    Welcome. Yeah it's fun.
    04-21-11 02:34 AM
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    Welcome to the Crackberry family!
    04-21-11 03:19 AM
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    Having memory issues with my pos storm as well. I have plenty of space, but keep getting saved calendar events erased.

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    04-21-11 03:53 AM
  5. ngoogs's Avatar
    I do like this phone a whole lot but only intend to use it until my upgrade this summer. However, I think ill most definitely be upgrading to another blackberry! Don't know when that Bold Touch comes out or if its for Verizon but I think that I can certainly make do until that happens!

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    04-21-11 03:59 AM