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    I recently switched from a Pearl to the 8520 Curve. On the Pearl, my phone automatically connected to my car's Bluetooth whenever I started the car (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan.) However, although the Curve is paired to the car's bluetooth it does not automatically connect like the Pearl used to, I have to do it manually instead. I also noticed that once connected, incomming calls work on Bluetooth but outgoing calls do not. This was never an issue with the Pearl.

    My settings are as follows:

    Trusted - Yes
    Encryption - Enabled
    Echo Control - Automatic

    My Options are:

    Discoverable - yes
    Allow outgoing calls - always
    contents transfer - all entries
    LED connection indicator - on
    security level - high
    connect on power up - yes

    Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to fix this?
    Thanks in advance!
    12-30-09 07:54 PM