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    Hello everyone,

    The other day decided to enable my auto spell setting only to find out that all the entries to the dictionary got erased. Not sure how because i know did not erase them. I was wondering if i have to enter words automatically into the dictionary in order to use the auto spelling or if there is a another way i can get the built in words from the dictionary.

    I have the blackberry 8900 running OS5

    Pleaseeeeee help!!!
    02-24-11 12:46 PM
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    Auto Text and Custom Dictionary are 2 different things. Menu/Auto Text should show you a bunch of different default auto texts. Including any you have set up from that page. My Custom dictionary is also blank because I have not set any up. My Auto text has always worked perfectly despite there not being any entries in the dictionary. Hope this helped.

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    02-24-11 12:59 PM