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    Only had my device a few days, however I notice something very odd. My enterprise activation through BES allows all mail to get to my device without a problem, however the additional email account I've added/setup (IMAP) seems to filter out junk mail. IE - things like emails from ebay, and what most normal people would construe as junk or unimportant mail never make it's way to my device, yet when I check my actual email they're there. Yet, emails from actual people I know always come through no problem. At first I though maybe it was a time-of-day thing, but all my time settings are off and I've tried this at all hours. It seems to be picking and choosing what gets to my device???

    Any ideas?

    02-17-07 11:31 PM
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    Cant you go into your added account and uncheck those emails as junk mail? I have this with an email acc. occasionally and if you just check the "this is not spam" tab, it will allow it through...

    Also filters can have an undesired effect...but picking out certain words...not sure tis is the case....
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    02-18-07 09:41 AM
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    No. This is a straight pop3/imap account through webhosting. No extra features on it like that.

    02-18-07 12:25 PM
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    No extra features on it like that
    11-22-08 12:22 PM