1. EVIL HUNTER's Avatar
    I have a BB 8350I. Can you set your phone so that things do not auto open. When i get a face book up date or text it seems to open the application. I want to open on my own terms. While at work it searches for a connection. We do not have the most user freindly building is why I want to stop this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    07-22-09 11:53 AM
  2. EVIL HUNTER's Avatar
    Anyone had to deal with this?
    07-22-09 02:16 PM
  3. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    If you are asking about the messages opening automatically when you remove the device from the holster, the answer is no you can't change this.

    It's a convenience feature. The device "assumes" that if you pull the device out of the holster immediately upon notification that you WANT to read the message.

    The solution is to WAIT 20 seconds or so after the notification.
    07-22-09 04:25 PM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    I read that as, how to control which programs are active in memory.

    Switch Applications will bring up a display of the active programs. BlackBerry is fully multi-tasking and able to manage multiple open programs.

    The most important are always open. Call Log, Home Screen, BlackBerry Messenger, Messages and Browser are open for instant access.

    Other programs, like Facebook can be left open to receive updates, but they can also be closed to prevent those updates.

    The difference is how you exit the program. If you use Menu / Exit, the program will close. If you press the Red Call End key, they will stay active in memory.
    07-22-09 05:17 PM