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    So, I admit I will be leaving Blackberry for an iPhone once my Bell contract is up for renewal, but my Curve antenna is now down to about 30% strength and it's out of warranty. I am now regularly dropping and missing calls, texts, etc. So here's a helluva bargain.

    Bell has dropped the price of the Pearl Flip and the Storm 9530 to $249.99 - WITH NO CONTRACT. That's right. In the case of the Storm that's a $450 drop. And it still comes with the 8Gb card.

    Needless to say Bell World was sold out (they didn't even get told by corporate and found out when the flood of people appeared). Now I know the Storm can have issues although a lot of the newer models are much much better and that is why I have stayed away, but it cannot be as buggy as my Curve has become over the last few months, and at that price it will save me having to renew my contract quite as soon.

    So just a heads up, if anyone is in the market even for a spare, the Flip and Storm at that price without any obligation is a wicked deal.
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