1. samuelmorgan's Avatar
    OK, I've read many conflicting things and heard even more from ATT customer service. I'd like some clarification.

    I've had my 2 year contract with ATT for about one year. I'd like to "upgrade" my iPhone for a new or refurb BlackBerry. What are my options with ATT?

    I had a pretty frustrating experience a couple months ago. A representative on the phone told me I could do an early upgrade and receive a new phone at new contract pricing + $75 but when I called back I was told by someone else that this wasn't true.

    I've read similar things online, too. Anyone had any experience? Any inside knowledge? Possibly something in writing?

    08-14-11 03:42 AM
  2. soccernamlak's Avatar
    If you pour through AT&T's website, you'll see that early upgrades for smartphones is a renewal of your 2 year contract, 2 year contract price + $200. I think regular phones might be $75 still. Smartphones use to be $75 as well, but I guess that was too cheap....

    Anyway, if you are wanting to grab a new BlackBerry, I'd be tempted to buy outright.

    Say you grab the 9900 for $549. At launch, you'd expect AT&T to price at $250, so you're only paying $100 more outright. BUT, you've saved your upgrade for QNX/next year.

    Your call!


    AT&T's early upgrade smartphone program detailed. Spoiler: they made it $125 more expensive
    08-14-11 01:06 PM
  3. tlo07's Avatar
    I did an early upgrade to the white iPhone 4 when it came out and it cost me $450. It's an insane price to pay and I would never do it again but in my defense I had waited so long for that damn thing and I was obsessed with getting it. In retrospect I would have been better off just saving up to buy the darn thing outright at that point.
    08-14-11 10:27 PM