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    The original Torch is a 9800, released in August of 2010, came with OS 6, 4Gb of internal storage, 512 Mb of ram, and has a 624 MHz processor. The slide out KB was nice, but small. The VKB, was also small, because of the small screen, but I was able to work with it for 3 years.

    The Torch 2 is really the 9810 - an updated model released a year later with OS 7, has 8GB of internal storage, 768Mb of RAM, 1.2GHz processor, in the exact same physically sized device.

    For either device to fully work, you have to have a BIS data plan activated on the mobile plan. Otherwise email won't work, and most browsing won't work either. I don't know what Mint is, but some U.S. carriers have dropped support for BIS, and the few that still have it, like AT&T, may not have it much longer.

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