1. saescott's Avatar
    I find this hard to believe: WhoIf AnyoneIs Developing BlackBerry Apps?
    Can someone please direct this guy to where our developers hang out?
    12-05-12 12:56 PM
  2. tonyrenier's Avatar
    I was going to post this if no one else had. My conclusion is that they all hang out at that bar in New York City, why would they be anywhere else in the whole wide world. He says it's unscientific, heck it's not even a pole and certainly not worth publishing.
    They just gotta bash RIM, -hum
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    12-05-12 01:28 PM
  3. igor10000's Avatar
    a drunken girl (without a name), a guy in beanie (also incognito) as well as a lot of other people that went to the party incognito (prolly coz theyre making millions on their apps and do not want to be recognized) listed as sources/witnesses :-D what a great piece of journalism!
    12-05-12 01:30 PM
  4. Sqoon's Avatar
    You are right that it doesn't speak to the reporting that he couldn't get someone on record. I think the developers want to keep their options open so they don't look like a hypocrite if they start developing for it after launch.
    Sadly the article does reflect a real sentiment that I have come across regardnig RIM. It is best to acknowledge the fact that most developers really don't care about BB10 right now.
    Thor said RIM are focusing on the top 200 apps in each region so you can bet that RIM have individuals working with them directly in order to have them ready for launch. If they get those top 200 then the app limitation will likely be forgiven.
    all these other small developers will come once there is an established market because they are not going to take the risk. Companies like Gameloft can because they know they are going to be dominating the featured lists and top paid lists.

    Sarah Northwood said that she makes more money as #300 on the iPhone than in the top 5 for Playbook. That has been the market view on QNX right now so expecting a lot of developers who have no idea if the BB10 is going to sell 20 million phones or 5 million to spend their limited time on developing for it specifically is unrealistic. That said, after launch, if a developer makes an Android app, I would be surprised if they didn't check to see how easy it would be to port to BB10. If it is easy, then they will do it, developers want to sell to as many people as possible. Once BB10 hits a decent number then I expect people will start to see a lot more developers for it.
    12-05-12 03:22 PM

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