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    Obama Is Sick Of His BlackBerry & Wants An iPhone | DrJays.com Live | Fashion. Music. Lifestyle

    The President of the United State loves his technology and for many years fanned out over his trusty BlackBerry. But things have changed—Obama now is ready to join the cult of Apple. That’s right—Barack Obama wants an iPhone. I don’t blame him. I was a BlackBerry devotee for years.Then the iPhone came out. I was jealous, but patient—I needed to fulfill my cell phone company’s contract for my BB. When my contracted ended, I made the leap and haven’t looked back. According to BusinessInsider.com:

    At a Chicago fundraiser President Obama was heard making the following comment about his BlackBerry: “The Oval Office, I always thought I was going to have really cool phones and stuff. I’m like, c’mon guys, I’m the president of the United States. Where’s the fancy buttons and stuff and the big screen? It doesn’t happen.”

    Is the President’s remark an aberration? I don’t think so. It’s part of an overall public shift in the device’s market perception. A survey conducted by online market researchers Crowd Science in March 2010 revealed that 39 percent of BlackBerry owners would definitely or probably switch to an iPhone once their subscriptions expired. Why? Because BlackBerry devices have acquired a perception of being too serious and too business oriented and lacking a fun factor—which is the very dimension driving the current surge of consumer infatuation with smartphones.

    So the jury is out. The BlackBerry is no longer infatuating consumers, which is a dangerous but predictable transition.

    So Obama isn’t the only one who’s over his BlackBerry. Hi timing is perfect—rumors are circulating about the iPhone 5 debuting this year. According to gadgetsandgizmos.org:

    Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2011) is just a couple of weeks away and rumours have been gathering momentum for the last couple of months.…If this fresh speculation is true it could mean we could see the new Apple iPhone 5, AKA iPhone 4S, on June 6th which would arguably place the release date mere weeks away, not months as many other sources have suggested. Why? Well, there is no way Apple would showcase a product and then make people wait four months for it (White iPhone 4 aside).
    06-02-11 03:55 PM
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    What is stopping him?
    06-02-11 04:02 PM
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    Does anyone really care??
    06-02-11 04:06 PM
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    it says he was referring to the oval office
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    06-02-11 04:08 PM
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    out of that one comment, where the **** did they get that he was tired of his blackberry and wanted an iphone
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    06-02-11 04:09 PM
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    Man I dont get the people reaching for anything to diss RIM! That article is weak!
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    06-02-11 04:14 PM
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    This thread can be closed, this article is just plain ********.
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    06-02-11 04:18 PM
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    out of that one comment, where the **** did they get that he was tired of his blackberry and wanted an iphone
    i know right!? if anything all he's saying is that the oval office is boring place to work haha. and even that is probably a front. he wouldn't say," hey everyone I DO have top secret gadgets and buttons hidden in the walls of my office!"
    06-02-11 04:26 PM
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    They are trying really hard now-a-days. Is there a higher price paid to "writers" for anti-BlackBerry stories?

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    06-02-11 04:27 PM
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    All I can do is laugh

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    06-02-11 04:34 PM
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    it says he was referring to the oval office
    exactly wtf with the article the op is referring to and why post this?
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    exactly wtf with the article the op is referring to and why post this?
    Because it's ******* Blackberry news.

    It's interesting, I am a supporter of RIM and BB, however I can't comprehend why everyone gets so upset. Negative news is still news.

    It was a comment, it's gossip, it's a rumor, it's about BB.

    Obama's plug of Blackberry is estimated to be worth $50 million or more. So if he decides that he is moving to another phone platform, IT'S A BIG DEAL.

    Secondly, the article states that the growing perception and consumer trends are changing (debatable to a point.) Obama already owns the ipad 2 and has plugged that multiple times.

    Jesus Christ....
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    What is stopping him?
    That pesky security thing probably.

    Also I don't see anywhere in this article that he states he wants an iPhone.
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    06-02-11 04:49 PM
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    Look who cares about what phone company people go with. Seriously ill be glad when this site can move past the comparison issues, People act like everyone has to be one dimensional. So what if everyone doesn't like the same platform.. That's why theirs options. Get it? Why try to convince someone to like the option you chose to go with. Use your phone and leave other people to use theirs.. When they get the chance or feel the need to change their platform they will.. That's why they make stores with live demo phones for people to try it before they buy it

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    06-02-11 04:54 PM
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    Assuming it wasn't a poor attempt at flame-bait for article attention (which has 90% possibility that was the sole purpose of the article), who cares...
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    06-02-11 04:54 PM